Teen Safe Review

Founded in 2011, TeenSafe app is mainly designed to avoid the minor drivers from getting distracted during driving due to the constant innumerable notifications from the various mobile phone apps.

TeenSafe is a California-based technological company that has designed an app which helps the anxious parents track and supervise their minor children’s mobile phone usage. The modern technology is both a boon as well as a disadvantage. While technological advancement has helped create new opportunities, it has also become a danger when misused. So, as a parent of a teenager, it becomes very important to watch out for your child and protect them from harm.

Teen Safe app allows you to do so ever so discreetly. You can see what your children are watching online, whom they are talking to, or where they are going. The app can be operated using your computer. Though it can be downloaded onto a mobile phone, it will work in the background, remaining invisible to the device’s user. 

The company offers a free one week trial of the app so that users can determine if they wish to continue using the app or not. After the trial period is over, the app costs $14.95 per month, which is pretty nominal considering all the great features that the app comes with. If you do not wish to continue with the app after the one-week trial, you must cancel the trial at least 24 hours before the trial-end to avoid payment. They also have a fantastic customer support with polite and knowledgeable employees who are always willing to help you with the slightest of troubles. Contact their customer support at (800) 245-8598 if you have any questions regarding the app, or wish to cancel your subscription at any time. Another great advantage of using the TeenSafe app is that unlike the other spy phone apps in the market that allow tracking only one device from one account, TeenSafe allows tracking an unlimited number of devices at once. Therefore, parents with more than one child do not have to worry about paying different subscriptions for various target devices. You can also create multiple user accounts in the same price. The app also has an auto-renewal feature that allows parents to be at ease, knowing that not one day will go by when they can not track their kids’ movements, just because they forgot to extend their subscription.

TeenSafe is an iOS and Android compatible app for parents that help them remotely disable the mobile phone of their teens while he or she is driving, except for the incoming and outgoing calls. This feature is particularly helpful in overcoming the “driving and texting” fever that runs among teenagers these days. They can not let go of their mobile phones for even a minute. So while their teenager son or daughter is driving, if an app helps the worried parent disable their kid’s mobile phone to ensure that no accidents are caused due to the mobile phone’s distraction, then such an app is what every parent needs these days.

Apart from the very unique feature of disabling the target device, the addition of TeenSafe control app to the present app at a very low cost helps parents gain control of their kid’s mobile phone, instead of just access to reading text messages or viewing call logs.

First, you have to download the app and then install it on the target mobile phone and you are all set to start monitoring your teen’s mobile phone usage and activities. The TeenSafe app has the following basic as well as some unique features-

  • Call Log– This feature helps the parents see whom their kid is talking to, when and for how much time duration. The app provides a detailed call log information of all the incoming and outgoing calls from the target mobile phone.
  • GPS– you can see your kid’s real-time location with the help of this GPS tracking feature that provides you with the phone location at any given point of time.
  • Browser History– perhaps one of the basic but most useful feature is access to the browser history of your kids’ mobile phone. With the help of this feature, the parent can keep a track of which websites their kids are visiting and what are they searching for in the various search engines.
  • SMS tracking– the app also helps you view and read the various received and sent messages from the target mobile phone. You can even read the deleted messages. This is a great feature that allows you to monitor whom your kids are texting to and if the person is a potential threat to your kids’ safety.
  • Contacts– this unique TeenSafe feature allow the parents to see the saved contacts on their kids’ mobile phones.
  • WhatsApp– perhaps one of the most popular and used text messenger apps, not many spy phone apps or softwares have been developed that are able to provide information and data about the WhatsApp texts that your kids send or receive. TeenSafe is one of the regularly updating and evolving parental control app that enables parents to view and monitor their kids’ WhatsApp messages.
  • Kik Messenger– another messenger that is extensively used by the teens these days is Kik Messenger. The unique TeenSafe app also covers the database from Kik Messenger and allows the parents to view all the incoming as well as outgoing messages from the kids’ accounts.

The TeenSafe app is a pretty simple and easy-to-use app. Parents who do not have advanced technical knowledge can also smoothly use the app without any hiccups. Adding the TeenSafe Control app allows the parents to pause or disable the target mobile phone, block the applications that they deem are unfit for use by their minor kids, and also block purchases. The TeenSafe app also provides SSL and data encryption as it takes the customer’s and user’s privacy and security very seriously. Its strict security measures make sure that the data stays and remains confidential between the child and the parent.

Along with the aforementioned features, the app has some other helpful tools too.

  • You can also monitor other applications on your teen’s mobile phone such as calendar, notes, audios, etc. apart from the camera, web browser and messengers.
  • The Control app also has an option that allows the parent to manage and monitor the multimedia on their teen’s mobile phone, along with audio monitoring.
  • You can also remotely lock down the target mobile phone or shut down some specific phone functions or apps for a determined time period using the ‘pause’ button. This unique ‘pause mode’ disables other functions of the mobile phone but keeps the calling option active so that in case of emergency the kid can make or receive phone calls.
  • Parents can also remotely block apps, softwares, and messages if they feel that their kids are using apps not suitable for them, or talking to unidentified online strangers who might pose a threat to the child’s security.

With so many dangerous elements such as online predators, stalkers, and bullies lurking around us and our children, it is incredibly important for us as parents to protect our children while we can. If saving them from harm means installing a spy phone app on their phones, then so be it. As long as parents are not interfering in their kid’s lives on a regular basis and using their control over their kid’s mobile phones in an unfair manner, till then keeping a track of their activities to keep them safe is only right. 


In keeping your teenager safe, TeenSafe is the best app out there. It is not just your usual monitoring tool, but it also has some high-quality features that allow the parents to be less worried about their children’s safety by monitoring their mobile phone usage and activities. One of the best features of this app is that you do not require to jailbreak or root the smart phone device to install it. TeenSafe app is quite easy to install and since its launch, the app has garnered positive reviews from its various users.