Which is the most customizable website builder?

Multinational companies to retailers, all major companies have a website.  On Google, type any name of your favourite company or a brand and you will come across their website.

Website is a marketing tool for businesses to promote their products, services, and ideas on the internet. And, almost every business owner today knows the importance of having a website.

Your website is your online showroom, which is open for customers 24×7. You may take an off from your work, but your website will not.

It will be always online and perform its duty to present your business in front of the public whenever they search for a business like yours online. 

Never overlook the importance of web design in your overall marketing performance- it has the power to make or break your campaign.

There are endless technologies and tools to create an effective web design. The web design that you create helps you to distinguish your brand from the rest and to stay ahead of the competition.

What is a customizable website?

Customizable websites are those where users can make desired changes at any point of time. Any modifications like configuring layout, content, altering colors or system functionality, can be done anytime. 

Depending on business goals and targeted niche, you can customize your web design. 

Why Customize?

Customization enables users to make their own selections and control their interaction the way they want. User has control what they exactly want customers to see, or set preferences for how they want the information to be displayed on the screen. 

Choosing the Most Customizable Website Builder — What to Look for?

There are tons of customizable website builders in the market to choose from. You must wonder how to know which is good or bad for you when almost every website builder promises the same.

Well, there are a few important steps that you can take to make the right decision for choosing the website builder for your online presence.

Online Reviews:

Read online reviews and ratings from customers and clients to gain knowledge about the reputation and service of the website builder. Going through online reviews often answers all the probable questions that you have in your mind. You will get to know the overall experience of customers with the website builder- how good, average or bad it is.

Years of Experience: 

Find out the level of experience they have in web design? Are they a new kid in the market or a granddaddy with more years of experience to provide a solution to your problems?

Usability of Interface:

Know the interface of a website builder. The tools and features that it offers. Find out are they user-friendly, easy to use, and provide good support. Are they ideal for beginners or good for a professional? Does the interface make things simpler, easier, and faster?  Is any change smooth and easy to complete or not? 

Number of themes: 

A web design process starts with themes and templates. Find out the number of themes a website builder offers to users. A wide array of themes definitely provides you more options to choose from.  You can choose the one that resonates with your business and customizes to turn it into your unique website.

Knows the Plans:

Find out the different plans and packages of services each plan offers to users. Is it too pricy, affordable, or cheap? Many website builders offer a free trial, so you can try and check out the features and tools on your own.

Which are the customizable website builders


Founded in 2009, Duda is the leading web design platform that makes web design a painless experience.  Its intuitive drag and drop interface help to build a perfect website without code with an hour. Website Duda offers a rich selection of templates that can be customized easily to build beautiful websites for any business and purpose.

After you choose a template, entering your own content into the website is super straightforward. It offers more than 100 striking font styles that can be used throughout your website. You get the control to engage site visitors by adding underlines, bold, italics, and more to text inside widgets and also link words to internal or external pages.

Furthermore, you can customize images and videos with color overlays by controlling both their color and opacity. And do you know what? Duda helps you to create a customized 404 page – it has all the design capabilities as a regular site page.  Edit the page as you want to add images, videos, buttons, text, and more and promote your brand while directing visitors in the right direction.


Started in 2007, Weebly is an easy-to-use website builder that lets you create and publish attractive, responsive-design sites that is unique without any technical expertise.

Weebly offers thoughtful design in every theme that would make your website look elegant and professional on any device. Every theme is ready to launch immediately and is fully customizable.

The simple drop and drag interface allows you to add elements like text, photos, maps, and videos to your website by dragging and dropping them into place. It enables you to edit texts just like in a word processor, and you can even customize any text type’s font, color, spacing, and size.


Founded in 2016, Simvoly is a website builder to help you with your ideas and passion. It enables you to build smart funnels and websites for your business with no technical knowledge. The easy drag and drop interface and other amazing features, gives you full control over the page design.

Simvoly provides hundreds of beautiful page designs that can be modified in minutes.

Bottom Line

The customization is certainly the newest branding strategy, which plays an important role in increasing the efficiency and optimization of your website.