Best VoIP Phones

Several brands of VoIP phones are available in the market. Finding the one that suits your budget and business needs can be daunting, especially for start-ups and small businesses. While venturing into a new domain, make sure you analyze what it is going to be used for and how many teams in your organization will be using it. Discuss with your IT and data security staff and consider their inputs in this decision. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is fast replacing the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In VoIP or IP telephony, your voice communications will be on data. VoIP phones allow voice, video, collaborative interactivity at a much lesser cost than traditional telephones. There’s no hassle with phone lines either. It is essential for every Business Processing Outsourcing organization.

Analyze whether your current data network can handle the extra load from VoIP phones. If not, set up a network that can handle advanced network management. Plan on how you’ll provide ethernet connection to all the new phones on the desks. After sorting out your capacity testing and network capabilities, comes the difficult part of choosing the right phone. 

The best VoIP phones in the market are listed below with their product description. Breeze through it and find out which suits you best. 

Polycom VVX 600 

Excellent HD voice 

Price – $195

Polycom is one of the leading business media phones. VVX 600 is an update to VVX 500. The touch screen facility is the cherry on top. Visually, the phone is great with a good user-interface. The centerpiece, a polished black plastic, is one of the best displays a desk phone could offer. The buttons are of good size and the handset is sturdy. 

The phone’s embedded with Polycom’s own patented Acoustic Clarity Technology, audio quality boosting hardware components, and wideband audio codecs guaranteeing the most satisfying HD – voice. It supports 16 lines. As a bonus, it sports an integrated Bluetooth support. 


  • Polycom’s HD voice
  • Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Voicemail support
  • Dual USB ports


  • Simplified user interface
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Amazing display


  • Might be a bit expensive
  • Bluetooth quality is not reliable

Ratings – 4.8 / 5

Grandstream GXP2170

A cost-effective all-rounder

Price – $99

It the product of American Telecom’s Developers. The design is top-notch with its 4.3 inch color LCD display offering multiple functions and sideline keys. It can support 12 lines and 6 SIP accounts. The security encryption technology ensures all the calls and accounts are secure. Bluetooth integration supports the users to connect to headsets and other mobile devices. For further hands-free support, the electric hook switch is provided. 

It’s sleek and power-packed design makes it an obvious choice for enterprise-grade IP phones. 


  • LCD display
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Wall mountable


  • 5 XML programmable soft keys and 48 digitally programmable speed line keys are great for users to handle a large number of calls
  • Rich in features and desirable in looks


  • At times, the Bluetooth headsets need rebooting every 2 days once.

Ratings – 4.8 / 5

Grandstream GXV3275

Android blended desk phone

Price – $210

It blends the UI of android with desktop phones. With its 7 inch display, it looks more like a tablet with a handset. It is manufactured with integrated Bluetooth, gigabit ports, built-in internet browser, and WiFi. It supports up to 6 SIP accounts, 3-way video conferencing, 6-way audio conferencing, and phone book with a capacity of 1000 contacts. 

The phone is powered with android version 4.2 with built-in apps. Skype, Google Playstore and Salesforce to name a few.


  • Conference facilities
  • Wall mountable
  • Camera with privacy shutter
  • Integrated Bluetooth


  • Android interface makes it different from the rest of the phones
  • Ability to download applications
  • HD voice over handset is comparable to other leading brands
  • Sturdy video telepresence


  • It requires an MP3 upload for music
  • It’s expensive 

Rating – 4.8 / 5

Htek UC924

High end features at a low cost

Price – $90

The Htek UC924 is a Color Enterprise’s VoIP phone. It supports up to 4 SIP accounts, five-way audio conferencing and 8 line keys. It is suitable for employees working with a bandwidth-intensive application. The phone sports a 3.5-inch display with G.722 audio codecs. 

There are 4 soft keys and 10 hard keys. Only some of the keys are programmable. It’s in-built with a LED indicator that alerts you about missed voicemail messages and calls. The menu is monochrome and you cannot change it. The only color display is the wallpaper. 


  • Anonymous call rejection features
  • Short Message Service and emergency calls
  • Local phone book that can store 1000 entries


  • Cost-effective
  • Programmable keys and basic color display


  • Monochrome theme is a bit dull
  • Speakerphone’s quality is not up to the mark

Rating – 4.3 / 5

Yealink SIP-T19P-E2

Your go-to budget phone

Price – $45

It is an entry-level desk phone with better functionality. It can support only one SIP line making it ideal for low call volumes. The phone’s screen is small, but with sharp features. The placements of buttons are solid. 

It has a few specific buttons – redial, speaker, mute, transfer, mailbox and headset. Simple features guarantee easy usage. It supports 3 way conferencing that are not found on other entry-level phones


  • Low cost
  • Three-way conferencing
  • Wall mountable
  • Headset features


  • Though a single SIP line, it is powered with full HD support
  • Highly affordable for bulk purchases


  • Sound quality is not as good as other brands. 

Rating – 4/5

Polycom SoundPoint IP Series

Configurable for individual needs

Price – $70 – $520

It is the newest entry-level phone with HD voice quality. Same quality as the Polycom’s executive phone is found in this one. It includes wideband audio codecs and Polycom’s patented Acoustic Clarity Technology. Though the phone has less dedicated hard keys, the interface is easy to use. Soft keys are used for most of the business calling features.


  • Sound quality
  • Simple user interface


  • Very useful for busy attendants, reception desks and call centers
  • Intuitive to use


  • Very small display
  • Reboots every time a change is made in the admin portal

Ratings – 4.5 / 5

Cisco 7900 IP Phones

User-friendly VoIP phone

Price – $200-$500

  4 models are available in this series,

  • 7931G – Suits commercial and retail businesses
  • 7943G – High-resolution display and wideband audio
  • 7945G – High fidelity audio with backlit color screen
  • 7975G – Wideband audio and LCD display

All the models sport exclusive executive designs. Based on your needs and budget, plan your purchase.


  • High fidelity audio
  • High-resolution display
  • Additional support for information


  • Supports optional key expansion
  • Customize XML based services to provide users with information.


  • A bit expensive for large purchases

Ratings – 4/5

VTech VSP736

Bags a few tricks not found elsewhere

Price – $110

It is a mid-range IP phone that can support up to 6 SIP accounts. Vtech has stacked the phone with specifications that are unique. It comes with 32 programmable keys, dual gigabit ethernet ports, local call recording, and DECT 6.0 support.

VSP736 has a large display with a white backlight. It has 4 soft keys, 18 hard keys and includes functions like call transfer, call holding, contact directory, and conference.


  • Message indicator
  • Three-way conference
  • 6 SIP account


  • Offers quite a few exciting features at this price
  • Call recording function is totally a win


  • Large display with very little functionality
  • Loudspeaker quality

Ratings – 4.6/5

Yealink T2 Series

Best entry-level phone

Price – $100 – $200

There are 3 models in this series,

  • SIP-T27P  – SIP phone with a wide functionality
  • SIP-T26P  – Good voice communications and a very large display
  • SIP-T25P  – Best color display and HD technology

Yealink T2 series is designed with small businesses in mind, where large features are required for everyday tasks. 


  • HD voice quality
  • High-resolution display
  • XML browser


  • Very affordable 6 line phone
  • All the buttons are customizable
  • Changes on the web interface are immediately updates in the phone


  • Hardware quality could be better

Rating – 4/5

Grandstream GXP1400

Well worth the money spent on it

Price – $65 – $75

It is the company’s super affordable, best launch. This model is power-packed with 2 SIP account, HD voice quality, LCD display, 2 LED line keys, 3 XML programmable and contact-sensitive soft keys. It supports standard audio codecs, however, not as crisp as Polycom’s. 

GXP1400 is lightweight and compact, the base and handset might feel very hollow if you’re used to sturdy Polycom handsets. 


  • Operating system – Linux
  • Easy to use
  •   2 line SIP
  • HD audio quality


  • It is on par with other expensive VoIP phones
  • The phone can be purchased for a wholesale price of $40 from online vendors, making it the cheapest available VoIP phone


  • Small graphical display and no backlight. 

Rating – 4.9/5

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