What is the best free responsive website builder?

Almost every business owner wants a mobile version of their website.  With the growth of smartphones, tablets, and other computer devices, having a responsive website has become essential for a digital presence.

People used smartphone more than any other device.  Almost half of the smartphone users spend more than five hours a day on their mobile to get connected to the world of digital information. Because of this reason, having a responsive website has become a need for every business.

What is a responsive website?

People today access information via desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phones. Desktop uses a bigger screen to view web pages, whereas mobile is using smaller-screens to view web pages.

For a business, you cannot depend on a desktop-friendly website. It also needed to be mobile-friendly. People are doing online shopping and accessing all kinds of information via smartphones. So, a responsive website is designed in such a way that it will operate best across all devices.

When people access a website from different devices with different screens, the site will adjust its size accordingly.  A responsive website ensures that users have a good viewing experience no matter what type of device they are using to visit your website.  And, when it comes to ranking on search engines, responsive websites appeared higher in the search results. Did you know Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in its search engine algorithm?  Due to this factor, it is essential for businesses to focus on designing responsive web design. 

Why your business needs a responsive website

You know what? More than 60 % of searches online are being conducted from smartphones. It clearly indicates that people are using mobile devices more frequently to access the internet.

•    Responsive website improves site visibility on search engines. 

•    Responsive website increases traffic.

•    Responsive website decreases bounce rate.

•    Responsive website improves site usability.

•    Responsive website loads faster.

•    Responsive website improves user experience.

•    Responsive website converts visitors into customers.

•    Responsive website boosts social sharing.

•    Responsive website provides ease of management.

•    Responsive website helps to stay ahead in competitive market. 

How to create a responsive website with a responsive website builder

Those who are a coding guru, for them to create a responsive website with coding is easy. But not all are experts in programming languages used in web development. So, what can you do? Is there any easiest solution?

Well, there are responsive website builders that can help you to create a responsive website without writing one line of code.

Isn’t it cool? With responsive website builders creating a responsive website becomes a cool and enjoyable experience.

Responsive website builders are great software that responds to all your needs when it comes to designing a responsive website. They are user-friendly and easy to use.  Literally, drag and drop images, audio, video, text, add icons into a website and your website is all set to launch online.

From designing to publishing and to managing, you can handle everything on your own without having to be a technical guru.

Easy Responsive Website Builders to use

Responsive website with Bookmark

Bookmark is a tool for non-technical people. The simple drag and drop editor combined with AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant) helps to create responsive websites without coding experience. 

Bookmark AIDA system makes website building an easy task. The automated system has the ability to help you to build a website in just 2 minutes by simply answering 7 simple questions.

The tool eliminates almost 90% of the pain points associated with website creation while providing useful tools like SEO and website analytics. Making selections from millions of combinations, you can have a fully functional, e-commerce ready and responsive website.

It doesn’t matter you sell online, on social media or in-store, Bookmark website builder is your e-commerce solution. You can create your online presence and get more customers with Bookmark.

Responsive website with Readymag

Website builder Readymag gives you complete freedom over website building. It offers the most powerful, versatile, and visually-pleasing tool to design a website — you don’t have to think about any technical aspects.

Readymag bears the burden for you and gets things moving. There are no limits and absolutely no coding. The simple drag and drop interface will help you to focus on adding content to your website.

Choosing from a variety of beautiful templates, you can create adaptive layouts and make your projects look great on desktops and smartphones.

Responsive website with IM Creator

Do you have no clue about web design? No problem. With IM Creator, you don’t have to worry about anything. It has all the tools to not make website building a tedious task for you.  Actually, you will have fun creating your website in a matter of minutes.

Website creation with IM Creator is simple, fast, and easy.  The clean layouts, animation effects, and responsive templates available in IM Creator are good enough to leave an impression on your visitors.  The color schemes are vibrant, adaptable and easily customizable to suit your needs. 

Any content you add will be responsive and automatically adjust itself to any device- laptops, tablets, phones, even wearables like smart watches and Oculus. Websites created by IM Creator can be vividly viewed on any device.

Responsive website with Tilda

Tilda helps to create eye-catching interactive websites without any code. The whole process of building website is like playing a game.

It doesn’t matter what — company website, online store, blog or landing page, you can make it quickly and easily with Tilda. Now anyone can be a website designer if they have a passion for their business.

Tilda offers widescreen covers, gorgeous typography, colors, photo gallery, background video, forms, icons and more- all that you need to include in a website. 

Bottom Line

Going for a website builder is always the right option for people who have no experience in the design.  The website you have been dreaming of can be created, design and managed with a website builder.