Sophos Antivirus Free

Antivirus software is a computer driver used to avert and eliminate malware. It was originally established to spot and eliminate computer viruses. Nevertheless, with the propagation of additional kind of malicious software, it started to deliver security from other intimidations too. You always need an efficient antivirus for your system security. Sophos is British safety software and largely engrossed in offering security software. Sophos also defend home-based users over free antivirus software anticipated to reveal product purpose.

The Sophos Free Antivirus software commendably senses and removes viruses, Trojans and additional malicious software. They have a trendy recognition system grounded on progressive heuristics; Sophos Antivirus for Linux provides live fortification to search apprehensive files in real-time through Sophos Labs.


Sophos builds products for statement endpoint, converting codes, email supervision, digital security, and combined threat supervision. Sophos is largely engrossed in offering security software to the mid-market and practical enterprises from100-5000 seat establishments. Its support system is very good with the excellent database. Sophos provides you a neat edge to go through it all.

Several operating facilities

Sophos Free Antivirus is very effective software that highlights value over security. Sophos Antivirus is best matched for families as it provides a great device reckoning. It has provisions for several operating systems. It can support various systems at a time so it is useful for families and bigger enterprises.

Easy to use

Downloading and fixing Sophos Free Antivirus is very forthright besides acquired a few minutes to set up. Constituting variations to settings on the Sophos website is too rapid and easy. There is no complexity in installing and running this software.

AI intelligence risk recognition

Supporting next-gen AI with deep learning, Sophos Free antivirus identifies and stops unseen malicious software before it accomplishes. The similar cutting edge AI accessible for business users is currently obtainable for PCs also. This prognostic and in-built AI uses deep erudition to assess files before they ride up. Sophos Free Antivirus provides’ Zero-day’ outbreak by eliminating brand new malware.

Real-Time security

Sophos Free antivirus guard against firsthand and emerging computer programs, malware, Trojans, worms, PUAs, bots. Their excellent technology focused on the entire protection of the system. They not only eliminate known malware but also prevent never-seen-before viruses too. Their pre-emptive 24/7 Sophos Labs guarantee that you are safe from increasing viruses, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, OS activities, and the most recent cybercrime.

Advanced Ransomware Safety

Commanding anti-ransomware technology guards your private records and photos against being encoded and seized for ransom. These intimidations can slide by customary web mesh and antivirus defense. If they identify the ransomware which makes changes in the encoded data, they stop that Ransomware attack and keep your files unhampered.

Web security

Sophos Free antivirus stops websites that may contain malicious software or possibly compromised. Thy block the fake sites that were created for a phishing attack. This is very necessary for safe surfing, banking, and money transferring. 

Identity security

Sophos Free Antivirus protects password security by blocking malicious software from plundering your password or username in your system’s memory. 

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