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A computer virus is a malevolent program that self-imitate by bootlegging itself to an alternative program. Computer virus extends itself into other accomplished code or files.  The motive of generating a computer virus is to contaminate susceptible systems, gain management control and snatch user sensitive information. When we discuss computer safety, the virus is the foremost intimidation. It can damage the entire computer system. Any association with coordinated computers or devices that interchange profound files through outside bases requires some kind of effective antivirus for many types of exploits.

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Sophos antivirus is a crossbreed antivirus elucidation that offers security against malicious software, viruses, and propositions a remote supervision tool. The anti-virus fortification is premeditated to detect, stop or eradicate intimidation thus shielding PCs and servers from viruses, adware, spyware, and additional infestation. It monitors the system for viruses, dubious files, and behaviors, adware, spyware, and illegal software. Sophos Anti-Virus offers all the identification, fumigation and complaining features on the terminals.


Sophos antivirus is compatible and effective for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS, Web browser, Windows 8 and 10. Sophos Anti -Virus enhances a layer of security, which averts virus attacks instigating from infested server and website. The Anti-Virus scans and eludes potential threats by the time they can disturb the system. It averts the spread of virus and moderates the possibility of information loss.

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Easy to Install

Sophos Anti-Virus is very easy to install and run into the system. It requires low upkeep and takes a few minutes to set up. It is a trustworthy security tool for devices with a speedy erudition curve and setting out time is nominal. Sophos antivirus always notifies the threats when required. It is an easy and spontaneous running interface. The best feature of this is to command the virus fortification setting from a central website.


Outstanding support for Sophos safety products comprises a wealth of online aid, a comprehensive database, advisories, communal forum, news contribution, videos and controllers, pieces of training and product certification. They have a 24/7 Sophos mechanical support system through the server or phone. If you have any critical issues, you may contact them immediately for technical support.


Sophos has long been a frontrunner in the Anti-virus sphere, with loftier scanning appliances and a research detachment that sojourns on top of incipient intimidations. With additional functionalities of NAC, HIPS, firewall and maneuver control, all with a central supervision system. It is a new age upgraded version for security. Sophos technology goes far beyond than traditional process and simple heuristics to detect unknown viruses and unwanted documents, encryptions, and behaviors in a system. Provisional on the number of activates, files can be marked as doubtful for virus. As network linkage becomes diverse, one centralized provision system for several platforms is very convenient. Sophos antivirus covers all the bases of safety on endpoint maneuvers efficiently.

Sophos antivirus provides safety as a service. It arrays instantly, offers entire security coverage everywhere, and makes your security process less complicated and stress-free

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