Avira For PC Free Download

Avira for PC free download is one of the best free antivirus software out there. It provides maximum security to the users with a light software that does not bog down the system or causes any disruptions. With Avira antivirus software, the users can work online without worrying about their devices and data being infected with malicious malware, spyware, and other viruses. Unlike its rival antivirus software, Avira free antivirus comes with various advanced features as well, which help in keeping user’s devices secure from cyber attacks. In this technological age, every gadget or device like PCs must have an efficient antivirus software installed on them. Avira for PC free download is a reliable antivirus that provides all-round protection and also keeps the system updated.

The antivirus software comes with an enhanced firewall and secure browser extensions that mark websites based on their online reputation and also block unauthorized add-ons. It also scans compressed files and folders for hidden threats and blocks unwanted programs. Avira free antivirus’ Browser Safety extension alerts the user of any unsecured or infected website, blocks annoying pop-ups and ads, and prevents companies from tracking the user’s online behavior by blocking cookies. This extension is compatible with Firefox, Opera, and Chrome browsers. The antivirus comes with a Quick Scan that one can access through the main window of the program. Avira for PC free download also has a Full Scan feature that sweeps the entire PC for any hidden malicious threats. Its Custom Scan option lets the user inspect a target file or folder in the system. Along with these scans, Avira free antivirus software also lets the user schedule an automatic scan for once a week or even every day.

The free antivirus software features Avira Phantom VPN tool with 500MB of free monthly data. Avira provides regular automatic updates for all of its users worldwide so that no device is left vulnerable for even a moment. It also updates all the important apps and software on the PC to keep the users up-to-date. Avira for PC free download protects its users in real-time with proactive detection and removal of new as well as known malware and other cyber threats. Its Safe Shopping feature protects the users and warns them about any untrustworthy websites. It also works as a price-matching tool that helps the user save money while shopping online, by showing better deals for the same product across various websites. Its Home Guard feature monitors the home network of the user and keeps a track of all the connected devices. It also checks for vulnerabilities in the home network and warns about connected devices that seem like a potential threat. The free antivirus software also comes up with recommendations on how to fix the vulnerabilities and secure the home network.

Avira for PC free download lets users browse the web anonymously and privately. Its password manager tool helps in generating strong and unique passwords for various websites. Avira free antivirus is an amazing software, especially for those who do not wish to purchase a subscription and need just enough security features in an antivirus to keep their devices secure from malware.

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