Windows Defender Internet Security

In today’s fast-paced world, everything is gradually shifting online. Be it shopping or banking, one can perform such basic tasks from the comfort of their home. But with the increase of online traffic, malicious malware and dangerous viruses have also increased. Microsoft offers Windows Defender Internet Security to keep the Windows-based devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones safe and secure from hackers and ransomware targetting devices that run on a Windows operating system.

It is impossible for users to safeguard their data and devices from the various cyber threats present in the digital world. Even if users do not use the internet extensively, still malware and viruses sneak into the systems from the slightest security gaps or vulnerabilities present in the device. Such gaps are detected and patched up by Windows Defender and the device is stabilized. It offers real-time protection against cybercriminals, Trojans, spyware, ransomware, and other e-threats.

With Windows Defender Internet Security, users get all-round protection against known as well as unknown threats. While it eradicates all the signature malware, it quarantines and sends suspicious files for further analysis over the cloud-based lab. An immediate solution is provided for any new-found threat and users all over the world are notified about the same. The advanced tools that have been added to the antivirus software help in removing tenacious malware from the system by sifting through the malware code and getting to the dangerous bits that do most of the damage. Microsoft’s dedicated web browser, Microsoft Edge, is linked with the antivirus software. The SmartScreen feature that Windows Defender Internet Security comes equipped with help in detecting and blocking malicious websites and fraudulent links from accessing user data or damaging the device. Even if the user lands on a suspicious or unsecured web page, Windows Defender alerts the user of the risk.

The reliable antivirus software comes with specialized and advanced defensive layers that keep the system protects from ransomware attacks. With controlled access to the confidential folders and files, the antivirus software prevents the data from being stolen from the device or being held up against ransom. Even if a malicious software does sneak into the system and rewrites important files, the Windows Defender Internet Security can easily restore the backed up data of the device from the OneDrive account of the user. But for this feature to work effectively, users need to have a Microsoft OneDrive account with all the files synced to it. Even a 30-day old original file can be restored from the cloud-based system.

The antivirus software comes with various scanning options. With the Quick Scan feature, all the files in the system that seem like a potential threat or display suspicious behavior are scanned quickly and effectively. The Full Scan feature sweeps the entire system for any malware camouflaging among legitimate apps and programs. Windows Defender Internet Security also scans any external device attached to the system for threats. Users can also scan any target file with a right-click on the item. Microsoft offers preinstalled Windows Defender for systems with Windows 8 OS and above. That means that the users need not worry about adding extra anti-malware protection programs into the system to keep them protected at all times.

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