Windows Defender Free

Windows Defender free is Microsoft’s security application that is designed to keep devices working on a Windows OS safe and secure from various cyber threats and malicious malware. For users searching for appropriate antivirus software for their Windows devices, Windows Defender is the one to go for. It offers hassle-free and straightforward malware protection. The antivirus software is compatible with all Windows-based devices, even Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

The user interface of the antivirus software is fairly simple to navigate through. It has many features that the user can turn on or off as required. There are seven different security sections in Windows Defender free software.

  1. Virus and Threat Protection- here the user can scan the device and turn on or off the various protective features. There is a Full Scan option that sweeps the entire device looking for any hidden malware and potential threats among legitimate apps and programs. A shorter Quick Scan checks the prioritized files which may seem suspicious to the antivirus software.
  2. Account Protection- it lets the users incorporate the antivirus into their Microsoft user account and keep them in sync.
  3. Firewall and Network Protection- this option lets the user access the enhanced firewall settings of the device and configure it as needed.
  4. App and Browser Control- this useful feature in Windows Defender free warns the user of any unsecured or potentially dangerous website and blocks the same so that the user does not accidentally visit the untrusted link and put the device at risk. It also lets the user regulate the controls of the SmartScreen website.
  5. Device Security- the unique tool allows the users to quarantine the memory of the system to prevent dangerous viruses or malware from affecting the rest of the data and device.
  6. Device Performance and Health- this feature runs continuously and discreetly in the background of the system. It is an optimization program that keeps a check on the various performance-based features on the system such as apps, storage, battery life, and drives in the system.
  7. Family Options- the Windows Defender free software for Windows 10 comes with a parental control and management feature that allows the parents to monitor their child’s online behavior and time spent on various websites.

Each of these protection areas has a tiny green-colored checkmark against them indicating that the system is secure. It changes to a yellow-colored exclamation mark to indicate where user action is required. When something is seriously very wrong in the system, these checkmarks change to red-colored “X”/cross.

Users with devices that have Windows 8 and above do not need to install the antivirus software separately on their systems, as the program comes in-built. Unlike the most traditional free antivirus software, Windows Defender free does not constantly bug the user to upgrade to a paid subscription or install browser extensions. The software quietly detects and removes known malware from the system and sends new malware or suspicious files to the cloud-based lab for further analysis. It is a decent antivirus program that offers all-round security to the various Windows-based devices.

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