Webroot Antivirus virus Scanner

If you are someone who shops online and makes online transactions using your card information or passwords, it is more than important for you to have a strong antivirus. Malware such as keyloggers, screen grabbers, spyware and clipboard snooping, can steal your confidential and financial data. They can steal your passwords and financial information and cause you harm. To protect yourself from such malware safely, it is fundamental to have a strong antivirus. Webroot Antivirus virus Scanner is one of the most liked and used antivirus globally.

Webroot offers three antiviruses tailored with different features , for different user needs. The three antivirus products they offer are-

  • SecureAnywhere Antivirus
  • SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus
  • Internet Security Complete
  • Antivirus for PC Gamers

Webroot Antivirus virus Scanner is a cloud-based antivirus, which means it is extremely lightweight on your pc. The antivirus file is a mere 15MBs, compared to other antiviruses who require a big amount of space on the computer system. The antivirus is compatible with major platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and Android. The antivirus comes with a personal firewall, which helps protect your PC from network attacks. Scanning options are available in abundance, as a user can choose to perform scheduled scans, manual scans, full system scans or customized scans. The scanning inWebroot has proven to be the fastest among its contenders. The antivirus boasts of performing the fastest scan(20 seconds maximum) than any other antivirus present.

The antivirus uses to detect malware using behavioral patterns and metadata. Internet Complete Security provides 25GB cloud storage as an additional feature. In lab tests conducted by MRG Effitas, the antivirus performed well and fetched a high score in terms of malware detection and ransomware protection. The antivirus has special identity and privacy protection. It comes with a password manager and URL blocking, which ensures safe browsing. It is not the only antivirus, it also provides protection against spyware, worms, trojan horses, email protection and adware protection.


  • Identity Shield-protects your identity and privacy
  • Anti-Phishing- protection against phishing
  • Secure Browsing with RealTime Protection
  • Webcam Protection-Protects web cameras from being spied on.
  • Personal Firewall- Provides a thick layer of protection against network attacks
  • Game Mode -All alerts and notifications are turned off for optimum gaming experience
  • URL Filtering-It uses its huge database to identify a malicious website and warns the user.
  • Password manager- It manages your passwords and provides protection against keyloggers and screen capturing.

Webroot Antivirus virus Scanner is easy to download and install. Users can download a 14-day trial, which only requires an email sign up. After signing up, the user will receive a 14-day license key for the product and installation is made easy by the instructions given on screens.

The interface looks packed with features, yet it is easier to navigate and understand. The interface offers three tabs -Antimalware tools, Reports and System Control. The antivirus performs quick scans and detects malware super efficiently. The identity shield helps protect your confidential data and passwords from fraudulent practices and identity theft. Support offered is excellent, as Webroot offers phone support, email support, and ticket support.

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