Vonage VoIP Review


Vonage is headquartered in Holmdel Township in New Jersey. It incepted in 2001 and offers telecommunication services based on VoIP. By 2014, the company had more than 2.5 million customers who took both computer and mobile services. They are consumer-focused and has expanded in B2b marketplace.

Vonage is one of the ideal VoIP service providers that give you unlimited usage at an affordable cost. They are renowned for their hosting services and robust features. They have something to offer for every size of business and that is what makes them so demanded.

Plan & Pricing

There are four plans with different pricing offered by Vonage. These lines and their respective costs are:

  • For 1 to 4 lines – $20, $30, and $40 for Mobile, Premium, and Advanced plan
  • For 5 to 19 lines – $18, $28, $48 for Mobile, Premium, and Advanced plan
  •  For 20 to 99 lines – $15, $25, $35 for Mobile, Premium, and Advanced plan
  • For 100 lines and more – the prices will vary for this case depending on the exact number of lines you need

It is inevitable that the plan between 20 and 99 lines is the most cost effective. When you take so many lines, the cost reduces compared to having 19 lines or less.

Call Features

  •  You can answer incoming calls that come to your Vonage number when you’re at home – All calls come to the home phone and app
  • You can make calls when you’re on the go or in a different city
  • Incoming call numbers show every time someone calls you
  • Calls you make from Vonage app will use that number as the caller ID
  • The app uses your phone contacts to provide caller ID. You will always know who’s calling if the number is saved.
  • You can make calls on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi when you are in poor coverage areas. However, standard data costs will be implied.

Advanced Call Features

  • Vonage extensions: both calls to or from international places charges similar to getting calls from the US, with the help of extensions. You can take calls anywhere you are.
  • Blocking and unblocking numbers is easy and you get to know who called and when.
  • Voicemail: You get voicemails and audio files into the inbox. You also get missed call alerts when traveling.
  • Call forwarding: you can easily forward call from your Vonage app when you are not available to take calls.
  • SimulRing: you get five numbers to forward your call to without letting the caller know.


There are different ways you can make use of Vonage VoIP services. These are:

  • Office systems: with Vonage Business Cloud you can easily control communication. Add extension or softphone from the desktop. Set up the call recording rules by extension and let it go across the entire company or for the multi-channel call center. You can access the system from anywhere and switch over from one device to another.
  • Cloud-hosted phone system: Vonage offers seamless cloud-based communication that helps everyone stay connected from any part of the world. Your office gets high-speed internet and phone services are hosted with Vonage Cloud.
  • Customize features: The support team of the company will be able to tell you which existing phone systems can integrate their service. If not, you need to buy and install the Vonage system to stay connected. You can customize the plan according to what you need and determine the feature you want or you don’t want.

Support Services

Vonage offers 24/7 support for all IT purposes and for any size of business. No matter what office system you have, they will give you the best ideas and suggestions. Their devices are easy to set-up. A small business might not need installation and get end-to-end management to fulfill their needs.