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Ooma is based out in Silicon Valley, California and offers VoIP calling services that work best for the home network, small business, and mobile users. Ooma got the title of the fastest-growing private companies under the Silicon Valley Journal in 2015.

Ooma VoIP is ideal for startups who are looking for adequate telecommunication features at an affordable cost. They offer you a standalone device that doesn’t need a computer to run. You don’t have to install any software or need a headset. Ooma replaces the phone service you already have and gives you a new landline. From quality calling to high-speed internet, Ooma is perfect for every small business or home network.

Ooma VoIP

Plan & Pricing

Ooma doesn’t have any direct monthly fee. You will have taxes due to pay every month that will amount to around $3.50 each month. Depending on the device Ooma Telo costs anywhere from $100 to $200 and is a one-time buy for all your calling requirements.

If you take the Basic Service from Ooma you can make international calls at the lowest rate. It is anywhere from $0.014 to $0.040 per minutes depending on where you call. It is best to opt for the Premier plan as it has additional features and still costs low.

Ooma Premier costs you $10 per month or $120 per year. You don’t need Premier to use phone services, and it gives you a lot of additional features along with basic calling. You get a second line, three-way calling system, voice mails, call screening, and forwarding.

If you take the World Plan, you can connect to more than 60 countries through landline and 10 countries from your mobile. The cost is only $18 per month. They also have a World Plus plan where you can connect to more than 70 countries on landline and 40 countries through mobile by paying $26 only.

Call Features

Ooma VoIP takes you back to the traditional landline system. You need to buy Ooma Telo and stay connected with the rest of the world. You need to buy the landline device and connect it to your phone system. You can take calls from the landline or your phone. You get normal calling and receiving feature if you opt for the basic plan.

Advanced Call Features

If you opt for the Premier or World Plan with Ooma, you will get additional services like:

  • Enhanced caller ID: you get the phone numbers when receiving calls. When mobile contacts are synced, you will get the contact ID of the person calling when their number is saved.
  • Enhanced call waiting: if you’re on a call with someone and you get another call that goes into waiting, the person calling will hear a beep sound, but other Ooma devices will ring and someone else can attend that call.
  • Instant second line: two people can call or take the call coming to the same number, but use different devices to attend to respective calls.
  • Three-way conferencing: you can connect to two more people from your Ooma device and avail three-way calling feature.
  • Backup number: if your internet isn’t working, you will still not miss a call coming to your Ooma number. It will get forwarded to the backup number.


Ooma is not a cloud-based VoIP solution that connects multiple people in your office to make hundreds of calls. It is a landline-based system where you need to purchase an Ooma Telo and make calls from there. Although it does have advanced features you want from VoIP it only connects to mobile phones. It is perfect for home or small businesses.

Support Services

If you have trouble setting up the Ooma Office, you can take help from their support team. Their agents are ready to assist 24/7 through calling or live chat option. If you want to chat, login to the Office Manager and ask questions. Depending on your geographical area you can also connect to their respective toll-free numbers.