Sophos Antivirus Free Latest Version – Overview

Do you know why people look for the latest version? When someone asks this question then it is obvious that you will always go for the latest version. But there are many aspects involved to successfully install any antivirus. Commercial and end-user both have a different view on this. Technology follows its own way. So, you have to understand the procedure to install if you opt for the Sophos’ latest version software. Users sometimes will not go for the paid version, but a free version can satisfy the expectation of the user. But you have to remember one thing this is only suitable for personal and home use. But Sophos has brought new features for free.

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Sophos SMS notification service

Sophos user is always keen to know the latest news. So, they subscribe to the SMS notification service for the latest newsletter.  The service is totally free and it will keep on notifying you the Sophos central services and other Sophos products. When an issue arises you will be informed and you will get to know the impact and that what is going on. So that you immediately take action in order to resolve the issue. To subscribe to the service you sign up and choose the product you would like to get the notification.

Latest product

Sophos as many types of product one is Endpoint, Gateway, Sophos Unified Threat Management, Safeguard Encryption, Sophos Mobile, Sophos home, Sophos XG Firewall, Sophos Cyberoam, Related Information, and Feedback and contact.

  • Endpoint

In this product, there are four types of versions. They are On-premise, Sophos Central, Sophos UTM and Sophos for SharePoint. 


Sophos Enterprise Console (latest version – 5.5.1): in this product, they have made the changes like SHA signed Certificates and TSL 1.2. protocol for communication. If you are running a compatible version of RMS will not support the TLS 1.2. protocol. It supports all Windows versions whereas the product will only support Mac 9.4 and above, Linus 9.12.3 and above, Unix – 9.12.5 and vShield – 2.1.8 and above.

Sophos Update Manager (latest version – 1.7.0): It is only compatible with Windows. It’s an automated process and for one year it is organized to use a proxy.

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control (latest version is 10.8): it is reinforced on almost all Windows starting from XP to 2012 and under one plane 

Sophos Exploit Prevention (latest version – 3.7): This product has very unique contribution to malware protection. If you have a proper license, it will provide the ransomware, and web browser protection. 

Sophos antivirus has Gatewaylatest version for macOS, Linux, UNIX, virtual Environments, policy evaluation tool, and migration tool.

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Sophos Central:

The latest product consists of Sophos Central Managed Windows Endpoint Security and Control especially for Windows XP, for macOS, Windows server, Linux server, and for the virtual environment.

  1. Sophos UTM: the latest version is 11.0.15. Using this product you can avoid massages from Sophos software presenting as toast by deforming a registry key record.
  2. Sophos for SharePoint: the latest version is 3. Any kind of application error will display on the dashboard.

These versions are the main products that got the latest version.

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