Sophos Antivirus Free Download – overview

In our student life, you may have used many crack version antivirus software that has been supplied by one of your friends. In your student life you may not have intensively used any internet connection. So, it was very convenient to use cracked version software or pirated software. But, if you are using the internet continuously then the pirated antivirus software will give you a notification of a genuine version. Eventually, the software will stop working and the malicious threats will badly corrupt your computer. Sometimes, it may corrupt your operating system. You can download Sophos Antivirus for free as a few days trial.

How to download a free version?

Like other antivirus software, Sophos will offer you an option to download free version for few days. Before start downloading you have to create a Sophos ID and subscribe their newsletter. But the newsletter subscribing is not mandatory. You can directly download it. A new user has to register on the Sophos website. To register you will receive a mail regarding the registration. Then you have to click on the link in the mail from your mailbox. After you click on the link then it will be directed to a page where you will be asked to choose your password. But the software will suggest some password. Once you enter the password then you will come in Sophos Licensing portal. The licensing portal consists of software download and firewall protection.

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Options for free download

Though the download is free of cost, it is of no use if you download the whole features. According your needs you have to download the Sophos licensing. 

You have to add all details from license and get the entree to the endpoint. You have to register new devices to different Sophos Firewall products. If you are using a free Endpoint product or Sophos Central you are free to use all the product credentials. For special users who are using Sophos central can obtain all the software from its download portal. In this case, you need to keep on updating the information in order to access another licensing portal.

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Endpoint and server protection

Since Endpoint and server protection is not a free credential so you have to purchase the product. In order the avail the credentials you have to add it before you download the software. Once you purchase the Sophos central software license you can download all these features for free. However, before start the download you have to enter the product license username and password. 

Network Protection

As discussed that you need to give all details because installing network protection your device entry is very important. To start the network protection, ensure your current subscription and devices, activate the license keys and download the desired software. There are many features includes in the paid version of the Sophos Antivirus Software. 

If you purchase the Sophos Central full package then you can download all the features for free. But you have to follow the instruction carefully to get the free download. 

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