Sophos Anti-virus For Windows XP

Sophos always boosts its clients to use the latest technology regarding antivirus software to provide safeguards to their expensive devices. Due to hustle and bustle of life, the users either forget or lack time unable to upgrade the system which is indispensable for the smooth functioning of the latest devices. Sophos is offering to extend the availability of support for Windows XP. 

The following banner alerts will appear in Sophos Central if you have devices running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003

  • Support for Windows XP has stopped from May first, 2017, updates will stop and devices will no longer be protected.

To continue receiving updates and support Sophos Central customers need to purchase the extended support option. After this, Sophos will continue to provide security updates and periodic engine refreshes to maintain protection but reserves the right to review the status of support should an issue be found within Windows XP.

 Windows XP will continue to update until 1st of May 2017 at which point they will stop these operating systems are not supported unless extended support has been purchased.

 After securing and applying extended license for Windows XP 2003  in your Sophos Central, the Sophos full installer must be downloaded and used for the installation to proceed.

  • Log in to Sophos Central Admin
  •  Go to protect devices
  •  Under endpoint protection right-click download complete Windows Installer then select copy link address if using Chrome or copy link location if you have Firefox
  •  Paste the link on a new tab
  •  At the end of the URL change, Sophos setup.exe then click the enter key
  • Run the installer once the download is complete

Sophos home always tries to fulfill the needs of the customers and accordingly review the up-dation system and timely give instructions to its customers to avoid any kind of chaos and disturbance created in their life. Due to the innovations in the world of Information Technology, so many new techniques and systems are coming up to cope up with the fast pace of life. Thus, we always make sure that our customers should enjoy all the facilities of modern gadgets along with right up-dation. We timely suggest our clients enjoy hassle-free accessibility of their device and edify them to go for the updates.

Sophos antivirus is receiving a good response from its users who often comment that using Sophos home is always safe and secure as it functions properly and never gives the chance of complaint to its customers. They often make sure that the requirement of the modern customer is fulfilled and take care of their needs.

It is absolutely a perfect option for the clients to protect their Windows XP by using Sophos antivirus. It has been generated keeping in mind the up-dation required in Windows XP to make your device run fast with no obstructions. It should be compatible with all the modern gadgets available in the market. We assure you that we will keep working to make your device antivirus. We, at Sophos, are available at your service all the time. You can give us a call or send your comments to solve your queries.

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