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The Internet is widely used by many people. The Internet has made the lives of billions of people easier. We are dependent on the internet for every type of work. As you can see, the internet is very much necessary for everyone. Apart from these amazing benefits of the internet, there are chances of data loss and leak of your private data on the internet. We need to be extra careful while using the internet. We should use a good antivirus that can protect us from these online frauds. In the Ocean of antivirus, it becomes very much difficult for a person to pick a good and genuine antivirus. Pcprotect Antivirus is one of those names which has maintained its legacy to be one of the best antiviruses in the market.

This antivirus is having one of the easiest and best user interface. You don’t need to know something about using this antivirus. This antivirus has got many awards for its capability of catching malware and virus. It has been awarded the VirusBulletin VB100 award. This is an honor for this antivirus because only a few antiviruses in the market have got this award.

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This antivirus is capable of removing any time of adware. Adwares are malicious software which tries to download different advertisement banner and pop-ups. Your PC performance and speed will increase after using this antivirus. Millions of people are happily using this antivirus. The reviews about this antivirus is quite good as compared to others.


When it comes to the features, no one can compete with this antivirus. It is having one of the most advanced features which other antivirus lacks. This antivirus keeps giving a regular update because the virus also keeps updating itself. The major features of this antivirus are listed below.

  • It is having its VPN Internet Security in which you can browse anonymously. It is one of the most secure ways of using the internet. It blocks different hackers who are trying to intercept your data.
  • One of the nesting features of this antivirus is that it is having an option of a scheduled scan in which you can schedule a particular time to your antivirus for scanning your PC. This is the most praised feature of this antivirus as scanning is very much time taking process.
  • It blocks Phishing websites. There are fake websites or copy of other websites which try to get your passwords and bank details. It blocks those websites and sometimes redirects you to safer websites.
  • It provides your PC with complete web protection. If you are using this antivirus then your internet security is in safe hands. It will detect a threatful website easily and will warn you before entering into it.
  • This antivirus is probably having the best customer support. There is an option for live chat also on its website where you can directly approach them.
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This antivirus is an excellent Internet Security that will take care of you as well as your PC whenever you will go online. The price of this antivirus is also affordable and you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just use this antivirus and protect your PC from different threats.

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