PC Protect Antivirus Download

Every device needs reliable antivirus software to protect it from malicious software and whether the system is connected to the internet or not doesn’t matter. With PC Protect antivirus download, users need not worry about the safety of their device or data. This new antivirus software entered the digital security sector in early 2016 loaded with advanced security features and next-gen technology to detect emerging malware in real-time and block them before they can cause any damage to the system. Apart from protecting desktops and laptops, PC Protect also offers security to mobile phones.

The antivirus software offers all-round protection to users and offers security packs with features for different users. A user who needs basic protection from malware, spyware, Trojans and other cyber threats along with a few added system optimization tools can get the Essential Antivirus pack that comes with the PC Protect antivirus download. The antivirus software comes equipped with a browser cleaner that removes cookies and cache files from the browser, leaving it uncluttered and free of temporary files. Users can also browse the web safely with the secure Web Shield extension. The antivirus software scans websites for any suspicious behavior or potential threats and blocks unsecured links and unauthorized downloads.

Apart from the Essential Antivirus plan, PC Protect also has a Pro antivirus and Ultimate Antivirus pack that has additional security features for multiple devices. There are numerous key features that come with PC Protect antivirus download, such as:

  • In-built firewall- The powerful two-way firewall that comes with the antivirus software helps in keeping the device secure from cyber-attacks and prevent hackers from accessing the user data;
  • Password manager- Users can keep their important passwords secure from prying eyes in the safe password vault offered by PC Protect;
  • Disk cleaner- The antivirus software removes junk and obsolete files from the device to increase its speed and performance;
  • System optimization- PC Protect comes with various optimization tools to keep the system up-to-date and let it work efficiently;
  • File manager- The users can easily organize and manage their sensitive data with this tool that comes along with the dependable PC Protect antivirus download;
  • Smart scan- This useful feature automatically scans the entire device for any security gaps or loopholes through which malware might sneak in;
  • Live customer support- The antivirus software offers reliable technical and customer support 24X7. Users can get quick solutions to any problems that they might be facing.

The antivirus software is fully compatible with various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. It is equally efficient on smartphones as it is on computers. The antivirus software also offers a 30-days moneyback guarantee. If the user does not wish to continue with the subscription, they can ask for a refund at the official webpage within the specified time period. PC Protect antivirus software is a leading cybersecurity solution that has earned its place as a front-runner in the antivirus sector in a really short span of time. PC Protect antivirus download comes with an extensive set of security features that comb through every corner in the system to find and squash hidden threats make it a top choice of a protective program among many others.

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