PC Protect Antivirus Antivirus for Windows 10

Users with Windows 10 devices usually are of the mindset that they do not need a third-party antivirus when they have the in-built Windows Defender. PC Protect Antivirus Antivirus for Windows 10 is a reliable software that offers complete protection against cyber threats. Though the official Microsoft antivirus offers basic antivirus protection, it is not updated regularly and lacks additional features that help in covering every aspect of the device’s security. In this case, it is best for users to install a dependable antivirus like PC Protect to secure their devices, be it Windows 10 desktops or Windows 10 laptops.

Cybercriminals develop new and innovative malware every day. Therefore, a dependable antivirus software is needed to protect the Windows-based devices from targeted attacks. Over 500 million people all over the world depend upon the superior antivirus engine by PC Protect Antivirus Antivirus for Windows 10 to keep them and their sensitive data secure at all times. The antivirus software is quick and easy to install. It is lightweight, does not take up too much system space and does not cause any lags or disruptions. The straightforward interface is a strong selling point of PC Protect since beginners with no advanced technical knowledge about computer software can also easily handle the antivirus program. The key security features are displayed right on the main screen along with a one-click ‘Scan Now’ button. Various additional features such as browser manager, startup programs, junk shredder, etc. are present beneath the key icons in a small carousel.

PC Protect Antivirus Antivirus for Windows 10 comes equipped with several optimization tools that boost the performance of the system. The Disk Cleaner tool removes obsolete files from the system and clears up space on the drive. The smart scan option of the antivirus software performs an in-depth scan of the entire system to remove any viruses already present in the device. It also runs an analysis on the device to check for any vulnerable endpoints or security gaps within the system that hackers might exploit and offers security measures against the same. Users can also schedule a scan to run at regular intervals so that the Windows 10 device remains free of any viruses.

PC Protect Antivirus Antivirus for Windows 10 offers protection from malware, spyware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. It blocks ads and pop-ups on websites that the user visits. Apart from an enhanced firewall protection that keeps hackers at bay, PC Protect also protects the privacy as well as the identity of its users. The antivirus software scans the web continuously for any data breach and notifies the user if any personal information is shared without authorization. Apart from the significant optimization tools and security features, this antivirus software also offers 24X7 customer service. Users can chat online with the experts at any time of the day and get solutions regarding the issues that they are facing. With PC Protect Antivirus Antivirus for Windows 10, users can also email their queries or go through the FAQ section on the official website to get help on a particular topic.

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