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McAfee antivirus company has been delivering top-notch cybersecurity solutions since its launch in 1987. The company that was later purchased by the Intel group in 2011 offers several commercial antivirus products that have millions of users all over the globe. McAfee Antivirus Download provides all-round protection against known as well as unknown threats like malware, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, and other dangerous viruses. It detects cyber threats in real-time and removes them before they can cause any harm to the user data or device.

The three main commercial products that are offered by McAfee antivirus company are-

  • McAfee LiveSafe
  • McAfee Antivirus Plus
  • McAfee Total Protection.

The company also offers McAfee Mobile Security for Android, which is a free antivirus app for smartphones with no hidden costs whatsoever, and McAfee Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad, which again is a free antivirus app specially designed to keep iOS devices secure from cyber-attacks. McAfee Antivirus Download for Android security comes equipped with protective features such as:

  • Anti-theft- It is one of the most useful features in an antivirus for smartphones. The user can track and locate the smartphone in real-time in case it gets lost or stolen. An alarm can also be sent to the device with the online portal. The user can also remotely lock and wipe the phone data to prevent identity theft or misuse of information.
  • Privacy- This feature lets the user decide which apps can access personal information on the smartphone.
  • Performance Optimization- the Battery optimizer tool enables smooth performance of the device.

The McAfee Antivirus Download for iOS has features a bit different from those found in the Android antivirus:

  • Locate and Remote Alarm- Users can remotely activate an alarm on the device in case it gets lost or stolen. The device can be located in real-time on the maps with the remote management portal.
  • CaptureCam- This feature takes a screenshot of the intruder and sens it to the user via email when a wrong vault PIN is entered multiple times on the lost iPhone or iPad.
  • Secure Media Vault- users can keep their media gallery secure from intruders by setting up a PIN.
  • Back-up, Restore, and Wipe- This tool that comes with McAfee Antivirus Download enables the users to create a backup of all the contacts on the phone and also remotely wipe them from the device in case of theft.

Apart from mobile security, McAfee provides premium security features to millions of computers all over the world. Various advanced tools and features are offered with the commercial McAfee antivirus products. The Safe Web Browsing features enable the user to safely surf the net without worrying about any cyber-attacks on their systems. With the True Key tool, all the user passwords can be managed and kept secure under encryption. The amazing safe family feature allows parents to keep a tab on their kid’s online activities, limit their screen time, and also block inappropriate websites and search results. With McAfee Antivirus Download, users get free and unlimited technical support. User queries and issues are resolved by the antivirus experts via phone, chat, and email. The array of antivirus products available for different OS and for different devices makes McAfee the leading software in the antivirus sector.

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