McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro

McAfee has won an industrious reputation for offering uncompromising internet security at an absolutely reasonable price. McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro (Parental name is – McAfee® Total Protection) comprehends brilliant protective features to offer optimum protection against cyber threats like malware, spyware, trojans, ransomware, and other unidentified virus components so that the users can do whatever they want online with complete peace of mind, McAfee ranks outstanding scores in the various tests like malware detection, protection and defense, and secured the position of one of the most reliable antivirus programs in the market. Let’s have a look at the price range of McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro

  1. McAfee® Total Protection for 3 Devices with One Year subscription costs Rs 1,199.00 (the discount price).
  2. McAfee® Total Protection for 1 Device with One Year subscription costs Rs1,049.00 (the discount price).
  3. McAfee® Total Protection for 5 Devices with One Year subscription costs Rs 1,499.00 (the discount price).
  4. McAfee® Total Protection for 10 Devices with One Year subscription costs Rs 1,999.00 (the discount price).


  • Real-time defense- Runs periodic and on-demand virus scan to find out sophisticated files from each corner of the device and immediately removes malicious components before they do any harm to the main system.
  • Two-way Firewall-  This net guard formula monitors and prevents network traffics trying to connect the main system to botnet servers.
  • WiFi protection- Even if the user is not active on the network, McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro protects the WiFi network by blocking unauthorized access of intruders.
  • SiteAdvisor- McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro invested the web protection feature a browser extension that scans the URL address of the websites and if the HTTPS is not present in the address, it immediately blocks the malicious site before the load.
  • Social Network Protection- The SiteAdvisor also scans the walls of social media sites such as facebook and twitter, and determines which link shared by the friends or groups is safe to open.
  • Vulnerability Detection- Checks if any software on the main device requires an update and advises the user to update the software to cure the security holes before the online threats take advantage of the weakness on the system.
  • Memory cleaner- McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro cleans unnecessary occupancy of junk files, cookies, duplicate files, and temporary files and thus frees the memory avoids troubles like system slowdowns, heat-ups and overpower consumption.
  • File Shredder- Lets the user erase sensitive files permanently like they never existed before.
  • Parental Control-  McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro Allows the parents to determine screen time of the games their children play online or apps they access. The parents can also watch over the internet activity and usage of their children. Parents can block illegitimate websites conveying inappropriate content like pornography and substance use, before they are discovered by their children who are underage.
  • File Locker- McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro Helps the users to keep confidential files and details in a secure locker that uses  256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard technology. So that even if the device is lost, stolen or destroyed, the files will be safe and easy to recover.
  • Email protection- Viruses like ransomware attacks the devices mainly through emails. Ransomware encrypts the entire system or any specific crucial part of the system and asks illegal gratification from the legit users to unlock them. There is no such assurance that even if the user wills to pay the bribe, the hacker will keep their promise, they may demand more money and the circle keeps going that way.  McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro stop such evil operating from taking place by running an acute scan through the email box and if anything suspicious caught, immediately erases and report the email as spam.

  McAfee Antivirus Antivirus Pro comes with minimum requirements such as 500MB drive space, 1GHz processor speed,  min. 1024×768 Screen Resolution and a stable internet connection to receive updates. Compatible Operating systems are Windows Vista SP1 both 32 and 64 bit,  Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1(32/64-bit), XP, Windows 10 and Supported browsers are Internet Explorer 8.0 or later,  Firefox 4.0 or later and Google Chrome.

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