F-Secure Antivirus Software

The Finland-based cybersecurity company, previously known as Data Fellows was founded in 1988. The company released its first F-Secure Antivirus Software for PCs in 1994. It became F-secure from Data Fellows and later developed the first anti-rootkit technology in 2005 called BlackLight. Its antivirus software has received the best protection award by the reputed AV-TEST five times consecutively. The company offers several commercial antivirus products that are a bit on the pricey side but worth every penny. The different antivirus software that F-secure has come up with are:

  • F-secure Anti-Virus- It offers basic malware and virus protection and removal for up to 3 PCs;
  • F-secure Internet Security- It protects 3 PCs and comes equipped with parental control features and browser protection;
  • F-secure SAFE- This F-Secure Antivirus Software has additional internet security tools and features along with advanced ransomware protection. It offers security for up to 7 devices;
  • F-secure Total- This subscription too covers up to 7 devices along with the features that come with the SAFE antivirus. It has a secure VPN tool included that keeps the user’s online identity private;

Apart from the paid antivirus software, F-secure offers a 30 days trial period with each of them. Under the trial period, the user can access all the advanced security tools and features for the protection of their device and data and get first-hand knowledge about how to use the F-Secure Antivirus Software. For the trial version, the company does not ask for the user’s credit card details, thereby attracting numerous customers to give the free trial version a chance. Millions of customers turn to loyal subscribers once they see for themselves just how effective and reliable the antivirus software is.

F-secure is fully compatible with numerous devices like computers, PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It supports various platforms such as Windows OS, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. It has an easy-to-use interface with bright key icons displayed on the main screen, quick scanning links, and the security status of the device. The system impact is minimal, even when scans are being run on the system. All the scanning options are fast and quickly sweep the device for any hidden threats. F-Secure Antivirus Software detects and removes known as well as unknown malware in real-time. It offers regular and automatic security updates that help in keeping all the devices secure from emerging cyber threats too.

It has the basic virus protection features along with browser security that help the users to surf the web securely. Another distinguished feature provided by F-secure is its Banking Protection feature. If the user is using an online payment portal, the antivirus software enables the banking protection tool that checks the URL of the portal against its own secure database and notifies the user whether the page can be trusted or not. F-Secure Antivirus Software automatically blocks any unsecured app from the internet to keep the connection secure while an online transaction is being made.

Users can subscribe to any basic or advanced plan by F-secure and get the ultimate protection for all their devices. F-secure is a noteworthy antivirus software that believes in the prevention of cyberattacks rather than detecting and removing them afterward.

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