Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version

The latest version of Dr. Web Antivirus is eligible for a three-month free trial and 40% off will be given on the first transition to the paid version. The free latest version of Dr. Web Security Space is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.  Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version runs in the system background seamlessly and leaves minimal impact on the power resource. The program is lightweight and installs in seconds. Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version is extremely fast that the whole operation takes place in seconds avoiding system slowdowns and heating issues.

Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version download link is here.

Features of Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version

  • Firewall- blocks intruders access to your home network when you surf through the internet especially when you make an online transaction; prevents phishing attacks; neutralizes bank trojans and block ransomware components from encrypting your system or data.
  • Anti-keyloggers- SpIDer Guard of Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version prevents keyloggers from collecting your card confidentials, account details, passwords, and other sensitive information.
  • Anti-spam- blocks spam calls and SMS that asks for OTPs in the guise of banking partners or codes that responses to money transactions.
  • Email Protection- Cleans the email inbox and blocks scam advertisements, reports emails as spams if they are caught to carry malicious attachments during the cloud scanning process.
  • HTTP monitor- scans web addresses and blocks if they don’t have HTTPS in their URL. SpIDer Gate of Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version also blocks fraudulent websites before you visit them.
  • Vulnerability Detection-  Dr.Web ShellGuard technology finds out if any application is in need of an update or if any area of the system is infected by viruses or if any security hole emerges to the surface. It sends out recovery tools to the ailing areas of the system to fix the problems, to minimizes the security holes and to recover the corrupted files.
  • Behavioral analysis- detects if applications acting suspiciously or trying to get unauthorized access to devices media like webcam and mic. The heuristic analyzer immediately blocks their access and prevents such evil operations from taking place.
  • Advanced Scanning programs- Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version is mainly fed upon Scanning programs that include both periodical and on-demand operations. The program runs a critical diagnosis of the entire system including external devices such as USB and Email section to look for sophisticated files like malware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, ransomware, and other malicious components. It proactively eliminates those corrupted files from the device and offers real-time threat protection.
  • Remote System management-  The cloud management allows one user to remotely operate multiple devices from a single dashboard server and handle security issues occasion demands.
  • Backup for data loss prevention- Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version allows to keep the confidential files, important data and other sensitive files in an unwavering cloud server with advanced protection, so that even if the device is lost or stolen or destroyed, the files can be restored from the backup source.
  • Parental Control-  features web-filter that blocks illegitimate websites that convey inappropriate content that may corrupt a child’s mind. The parental control also allows the parents to set screen limits of internet access and games they play. They can also lock particular apps which they don’t want their children to operate.

  Dr. Web Antivirus Free Latest Version offers you the best Heuristic protection against threats along with 24/7 tech support which is quickly responsive to customer queries.