Dr.Web Antivirus Free Edition

Dr.Web is a security suite developed by a Russian company. Dr.Web provides antiviruses and business tools for businesses and home use. For home PC or Mac, it provides Dr.Web Security Space. It also offers Android and Blackberry protection. Dr.Web Antivirus Free Edition For Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store, called Anti-virus Dr.Web Light. But this free edition lacks major features present in the paid version of Dr.Web Antivirus for Android. The free version does not offer the call or SMS Filter, Anti-Theft and URL Filter. However, the free version also offers a basic protection layer, provides the same scanning options available in the paid version and a similar interface.

Dr.Web provides the user with three comprehensive scanning options. You can choose between a custom, full system and express scan. A full system scan includes the external and drives attached to the computer. The express focuses on system paths and scans them for malicious programs. The antivirus supports heuristic and definition based malware detection. Heuristic detection is an advanced feature as it helps to detect malware on the bases of how it behaves. If a program is behaving suspiciously or like malware, it will not escape the antivirus. The Dr. Web Antivirus Free Edition or the trial version of the antivirus updates itself frequently from the information present on Dr.Web cloud which provides the latest malware definition. This helps the antivirus to be able to even the latest malware that is present out there. The antivirus offers a quarantine manager where the user can review, save or delete the detected files.

The parental control offered is comprehensive and can be easily copied on other systems with the help of the drag and drop method. The data loss prevention feature creates a copy of files that have been corrupted. It helps the user to recover data even if they are destroyed.

The interface is extremely easy and user-friendly. Technical support is provided 24×7 and for customer support, there is a telephonic center for global users.

 Dr.Web Antivirus Free Edition for Windows or MAC can be downloaded from the official website. This free edition is a trial version that can be tested before buying the original product. There is a choice between a one-month trial or a three-month trial. A three-month trial requires registration or account sign in, where you will be sent the license key in your email. The same can be downloaded for Mac, where you can choose between a three or one-month trial.

Dr.web Antivirus Free Edition of Dr.Web Katana can be downloaded from the official site as well. It will be a 30-day trial and for further use, the user will have to buy the license. A three-month trial for Linux can be downloaded as well. These free trials are meant to give the user the first-hand experience with the working of the software. There are no such free versions available, only legitimate trial versions can be used for free. Other available sources that claim to provide a free version of the software are illegitimate and can be malicious files too. The trial version is the only free version that the company provides can be used free of cost.

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