Dr. Web Antivirus Free Download For Laptop

Dr.Web is a Russian company that provides internet security solutions for computer systems. It offers security solutions for all major operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. For Windows, the company offers three options- Dr.Web Security Space and Doctor Web Antivirus and a non-signature antivirus called Dr.web KATANA. They also protect Android and Mac. Dr. web Antivirus free download for laptop is available on the official website. There are two options to download the antivirus freely. You can either sign up and download a three-month trial or download a one-month trial without signing up.

Dr. web Antivirus free download for laptop is available on their website. Dr.Web antivirus is basic virus protection with a firewall and scanning options. Whereas Dr.Web Space Security is a comprehensive security program that offers more extensive security tools. Both the antiviruses Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Antivirus are compatible with all windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32- and 64-bit).RAM required is 512MB or more, free disk space required is 750MB or more. Both the software come with a free security tool called File Decryption. This tool is useful in recovering encrypted data.

Dr. web Antivirus free download for a laptop will take three to five minutes to get installed. If you register for a three-month trial, you will receive a product key in your email. This key will enable you to use the product for free for three months. Dr.Web Antivirus offers three scanning options. The user can run an express, customized and full system scan. The full system scan scans the entire system along with the external devices. Express scan is used for scanning pathways. The customized scan is a useful feature if a customer wants to scan a separate file or folder. The antivirus supports heuristic and definition based scanning which ensures protection against zero-day exploits in Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla and MS Office.

The heuristic detection helps the antivirus to detect malware based on its characteristics and how it behaves. This helps in narrowing down on unknown or rare malware. The antivirus is updated frequently and continuously which ensures that antivirus will catch even the latest malware. The updation is done through Dr.Web cloud. The regular updates for antivirus help the antivirus to find the new malware that is out there with the help of newly added definitions in their configuration. Dr. web Antivirus free download for laptop or the free trial offers scanning options and also comes with a firewall.

A firewall is an extremely important security component, which protects the computer from network attacks. Dr.web Space Security Antivirus comes with extensive features such as data loss prevention. This feature creates a local back up copy of files that have been corrupted or damaged. This feature helps the user to recover the damaged data and not worry about losing the data. Another impressive feature it comes with is a separate quarantine folder. This quarantine folder contains files that have been detected as malware. The user can choose from here, what he wishes to do with the files detected. He can choose to keep, remove or recover the files. It gives the user overall control over his data.

It can run a high-risk scan, a low-level scan or a normal (fast) scan. Dr.Web Antivirus Space Security Antivirus also offers parental control settings. These settings can be copied on different systems easily through drag and drop. It becomes extremely convenient for the user to copy one setting on multiple devices.

The interface is really simple to use and navigate through. It contains three major types of security settings. However, the program only offers a free version for three months maximum, after which the user will have to buy the program. Technical support is available 24×7. However, Dr.Web Antivirus lacks features like parental control and data loss prevention. The software also does not have a file shredder and email spam protection. Overall it Dr.Web Antivirus provides a basic protective layer for your computer.