Dr. Web Antivirus For Windows Xp

Dr.Web is a Russia-based antivirus provider. They offer three security solutions for Windows- Dr.Web Security Space, Dr.Web Antivirus and Dr.Web Katana. Dr.Web version 11.5 support Window XP, which can be downloaded from the download wizard given on the official website.

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows supports Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP,  the required RAM is 512 MB or more. Required free disk space is ~750 MB, excluding temporary files that will require additional space while installation.Dr.Web Antivirus provides optimum protection for your windows from malware.

Dr. web Antivirus for Windows XP offers three methods of scanning. The user can perform an express scan, that focuses on pathways or a user can perform a full system scan that scans all drives including external drives or customized scans. Customized scanning helps a user to perform scans on particular files and folders. The antivirus uses heuristic behavioral-based and definition based malware detection. Heuristic malware detection helps antivirus malicious files based on their characteristics and the way they behave in a computer system. The antivirus regularly and frequently updates itself with the help of Dr.Web cloud. Regular updation of definition keeps the antivirus up-to-date with the latest malware that is in the wild. This heuristic behavioral detection and definition based detection helps to catch zero-day exploits in Windows.

The Dr. web Antivirus for Windows XP allows the user to configure and customize the software as per the user’s wishes. The user can customize or turn off the software notifications. Dr.Web Security Space has a data loss prevention feature that helps to recover data by creating a backup copy of corrupted or damaged files. There is a separate quarantine manager which isolate the detected files and gives the user the power to decide whether to restore or delete the files. Dr.Web Antivirus for Windows lacks other features that are present only in Dr.Web Security Space such as data loss prevention and parental lock. Parental lock provided in Dr.Web Security Space has an extensive setting for parents to monitor their kid’s internet activities.It gives ransomware protection and prevents exploits.

Dr. web Antivirus for Windows XP provides advanced settings for scanning. You can choose a normal (fast) scan, high-risk scan or a low-level scan. You can toggle on/off various settings such as scanning of LAN, or Scanning Windows for rootkits. You can turn off heuristic detection, scanning of loading programs and windows script. The antivirus has a firewall that offers protection from attacks on the network and can be turned off. The interface is simple, easy to use and understandable. The advanced settings and comprehensive configuration settings help the user to personalize the antivirus as per their wishes. Technical support is available 24×7 and telephonic global support is also available. Users can submit tickets, but the ticket form is only available in Russian,However, the agents can speak English and respond fast. You get a free security tool with your antivirus purchase.Dr.Web Rescue Pack is provided to paid users. This tool helps to recover encrypted data.

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