Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista

The product name for Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista is Dr.Web KATANA (Kills Active Threats And New Attacks) and the program comes with a 30days free trial. Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista is a non-signature AV and Internet Security program that is designed by proprietary Russian technology to offer robust protection against malware, spyware, adware, ransomware, and other potential virus threats. Dr.Web KATANA differs from traditional AV programs as it does not have a signature database which is needed to be updated regularly. The Dr. Web cloud automatically collects the occasional released updates to better the protection algorithm which is implemented in Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista.


  • Malware scanner and Removal
  • Spyware detector
  • Bank trojan neutralizer
  • HTTPS monitor
  • Anti-phishing, anti-scam, and Anti-theft.
  • Strong Firewall
  • Automatic back-up and prevention of data loss.
  • Prevention of rootkit operations.
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Email Protection
  • Prevention of virus-made modifications in the system.
  • Blocking of unauthorized access attempted by applications.

How Does Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista work?

  Dr. Web Security is mainly known for its heuristic protection. Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista also accomplishes the job through acute scanning operations. The scan programs are on-demand, boot-time scanner, periodical, and manual. The scan operation draws out a diagnosis of the entire system including email section and externally connected devices if any. The diagnosis tells about the presence of malware components and the infected areas in the system. The scan programs are behavioral detective analyzed which further finds out if any application in the system is acting suspiciously or in an intrusive manner or trying to get unauthorized access to the device’s media. The recovery tool reaches the ailing areas of the system, eliminates malicious files, restores the setting and cures the infection. The program also blocks the prying activities of the PUAs and acts as a protective shield so that no infection can enter the main device from the external sources.

  The spyware detector of  Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista finds out elements like rootkits, trojans, keyloggers, and adware. The program also finds out the security holes and takes effective measures to cure it. The program prevents keyloggers from collecting details from the keyboard entry, blocks adware from displaying sudden popups, neutralizes bank trojans and eliminates rootkits that modify system setting and grant prying networks’ access to the main device.

  Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista features a strong firewall that-

  1. clears network traffic to enhance browsing speed.
  2. blocks botnet servers from connecting to the home network.
  3. Prevents prying networks from monitoring the activities of the legal users.
  4. Blocks spyware from exporting data to the hackers.

Internet Security and Privacy protection

  Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista scans the URL address if HTTPS not there, block the websites before they are accessed on the browser. The protective shield filters out the fraud websites and stops the malicious downloads from taking place. The web shield also protects the card details and user identity while they surf through the internet or shop or make online transactions. Apart from Internet Security, Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista allows one to keep their important files in the cloud backup so that if the device is lost or destroyed or stolen the files can be erased remotely from the cloud-dashboard before they fall into evil hands and can be restored again from the backup storage.

 Dr. Web Antivirus for Windows Vista also resolves customer issues via a 24/7 helpline number and helps the customers with technical guidance by offering online tutorials on the official website.