Dr. Web Antivirus For Laptop Windows 10

Dr.Web is a Russian IT company that provides security software for systems. Dr.Web is a well-known name in the internet security world. It offers three variants of antiviruses- Dr.Web Antivirus, Dr.Web Space Secure and Dr.Web Katana (a non-signature antivirus which acts as a complementary partner to existing antivirus). It also offers other free security tools that can be downloaded from its official website. The company offers free trials of their antiviruses to give users the firsthand experience with the antivirus. The user can take the trial pack of three months which requires a sign-up or take a single month trial pack which does not require sign up. Dr.Web Antivirus is compatible with all Windows 10/8.1/8/7Vista/XP.

Dr. web Antivirus for laptop windows 10 can be bought from their official website. The user can also download a free trial first. The antivirus provides in-depth setting options and advances security tools for the users. The paid users get a free security tool called File decryption, which helps to recover the encrypted data. The Dr.Web Free Antivirus provides three types of scanning options and advances scanning settings. The user can perform an express can, which scans only the Windows pathways for malware. The users can person full system scans which will also scan the attached devices. The user can choose particular files and folders he wants to scan as well.

Dr.Web Antivirus for Laptop Windows 10 also provides advanced scanning settings where the user can run a paranoid scan, low-level scan, and fast scan. The firewall provided does a fairly well job of protecting the computer network from internet attacks. The firewall is one of the best malware prevention security tools. The software uses a heuristic-based and definition based detection for malware. In heuristic detection, the malware is identified based on how it acts in the system, This helps to uncover and catch the hidden malware. The antivirus constantly and regularly updates itself from the help of Dr.Web Cloud, which helps to add new malware definitions in the antivirus. This extends the protection and equips the antivirus to be able to catch zero-day exploits and the latest malware.

Also, Dr.Web Antivirus for Laptop Windows 10 has a separate quarantine folder where antivirus isolates and stores the detected files so that the user can review them and choose to delete, restore or rev=cover the files. This gives the user a thorough control over his data. However, the other antivirus product that the company offers Dr.Web Space Secure also offers extensive parental control and data loss prevention features, which is missing in Dr.Web Antivirus. 

Dr.Web Antivirus provides just a scanner and a firewall, while the other antivirus Dr.Web Space Secure offers comprehensive protection.Dr.Web Space Secure also has mail protection, which is not there in Dr.Web Antivirus. This makes Dr.Web Space Secure a better option than Dr.Web Antivirus for Laptop Windows 10.