Dell Laptop Review

Dell Laptop Review

Dell XPS 13


With its at long last improved webcam and longer battery life, the Dell XPS 13 may not be our ‘Top tier workstation of 2019, however it stays among the absolute best the world over.

Dell XPS 13


  • Webcam now above presentation
  • Big battery life help
  • Updated processors
  • New Frost shading alternative


  • Otherwise small update

Cost and accessibility

Dell needs $978 for the beginning design of the XPS 13 in the US. This value nets you an eighth era Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of 2,133MHz DDR3 memory and a 128GB PCIe SSD underneath a 13.3-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) InfinityEdge show.

Plan and show

At first look, the Dell XPS 13 seems to be indistinguishable from a year ago’s model, and that is basically the situation here. Be that as it may, Dell didn’t simply take an ‘on the off chance that it ain’t broke’ approach this year. It really fixed the PC’s most glaring plan defect: the webcam, as it’s presently at long last set over the showcase where it has a place.


Littlest. Webcam. EVAR. No, genuinely, this is Dell’s littlest webcam. In light of the XPS 13’s webcam being disparagingly named the “nosecam” because of its situation in the base bezel, Dell made its very own webcam and moved it back where it has a place in the top bezel.


The XPS 13 doesn’t have a ton of ports, however you can complete a great deal with them. The pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left and the UBC Type-C port on the privilege are on the whole equipped for charging the note pad and can go about as smaller than normal DisplayPorts on the off chance that you need to associate the framework to a bigger screen.


Man, gracious man, dem bezels! Make that deficiency in that department. Dell keeps on driving the charge on having the slimmest bezels conceivable, on account of its InfinityEdge plan. The top bezel is only a small piece thicker than ordinary to suit the webcam, yet less that you’d truly take note.


The XPS 13’s side-terminating speakers were a wonderful amazement. The workstation figured out how to fill my medium-measure lodging with uproarious, if now and then swarmed, sound. Tuning in to Janelle Monae’s “Can’t Survive Without Your Love,” the room was loaded up with the chanteuse’s yearning vocal. It overwhelmed the remainder of the track even in the wake of tinkering with the Waves Maxx Audio programming.

Console and Touchpad

The XPS 13’s console cuts a striking figure in white, particularly when the backdrop illumination is empowered. However, what’s progressively great is the composing background. Regardless of having just 1 millimeter of key travel (we by and large search for at any rate 1.5mm), I never felt like I was bottoming out when I was composing. What’s more, on account of the 63 grams of activation power (60g is our acknowledged least), the generally shallow keys had a not half bad pop.


The XPS 13 just got a fix of Whiskey with an exhibition chaser. Equipped with one of Intel’s new Whiskey Lake chips, explicitly the Core i7-8565U CPU with 16GB of RAM, the PC let me stream Black Mirror: Bandersnatch from Netflix while likewise opening 25 extra Google Chrome tabs running either a Twitch stream, Tweetdeck or YouTube. The XPS 13 was easy in execution, performing with no trace of slack.

Battery Life

In the event that you need the most perseverance, we would select a full-HD screen on the XPS 13 and avoid the 4K sheet. The mix of the high goals and Whiskey Lake’s capacity utilization take somewhat of a toll.


Normally, a workstation as thin as the XPS experiences difficulty remaining cool. To battle this, Dell gotten serious about warmth pipes and fans to expand air admission and yield. The organization additionally included GORE Thermal Insulation, a similar material that is utilized in the Mars Rover. The silica aerogels work to scatter heat all through the framework, keeping things decent and comfortable.

Programming and Warranty

Dell preloaded various valuable applications and utilities to help improve the client experience. For example, there’s Dell Power Manager, which enables you to oversee control utilization by means of preset profiles to stretch out battery life or to crush all of execution out of the framework.

Main concern

The Dell XPS 13 was at that point an incredible workstation and Dell has made some appreciated upgrades to remain our preferred ultraportable generally speaking. The expansion of Intel Whiskey Lake concretes the XPS 13’s status as a versatile powerhouse. What’s more, when you’re not doing the math, that vivacious 4K show is ideal for watching video. We particularly like the itty-bitty webcam, murdering the nosecam for eternity.