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ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02

The Pros: Great console; Durable and simple to fix; Very great battery life;

The Cons: Mixed execution; Heavier than rivalry

Decision: The Asus Chromebook C202 is a decent decision for understudies as a result of its tough plan, agreeable console and long battery life.


At whatever point you hand a workstation to a youngster, you can expect that they’re going to drop it, and much of the time, it may not endure. The $199 Asus Chromebook C202 ($229 as tried) will help children keep away from that destiny, on account of its strong frame that is intended to take a lot of knocks and wounds. Past the C202’s unpleasant and-tumble outside is a superb console and a battery that keeps going more than 8 hours on a charge, settling on it a solid decision for basic schoolers or any individual who may neglect it.


Despite the fact that it’s a little workstation, the Asus Chromebook C202 feels like it can take a punch. Developed to remain to the sort of discipline that must be doled out by younger students, the C202’s spotted plastic cover and base are encompassed by a rubber treated defensive ring that fills in as protective layer against drops. The dim blue elastic and dark plastic make the C202 resemble the authority Chromebook of the New York Yankees, yet the main logos are Asus’ and the Chrome moniker on the cover.

Toughness Testing

Asus claims that when the C202 lands level, it can endure tumbles from 3.9 feet, and when it arrives on its side, it can endure drops from 2.6 feet. Also, the spill-safe console should deal with 2.23 ounces of fluid.

I dropped the Chromebook C202 at different statures onto cement, and it earned some fight scars however continued kicking.

Console and Touchpad

This is probably the best console I’ve at any point utilized on a Chromebook. The keys have 2.1 millimeters of movement and require 60 grams of power to press, bringing about an incredibly happy with composing background.


The 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768 screen on the C202 isn’t sharp, however it’s as fresh as you can anticipate from a Chromebook at this goals. Simply don’t anticipate a wide scope of hues. I saw the 1080p Ghostbusters trailer and found that the red on the Ghostmobile was tinted marginally pink, while Slimer’s green goo was paler than it ought to have been.

Ports and Webcam

There are just a couple of ports at the edges of the C202, however they’re every one of the basics that understudies in homerooms will require. Most of the ports are on the left side: HDMI, USB 3.0, an earphone/mouthpiece combo jack and a SD card space. The correct side houses another USB 3.0 port, the power jack and a security lock space.

A selfie I took with the 720p webcam had a ton of visual commotion. The hues were for the most part exact (except for my face, which looked somewhat red), yet the bay window behind me was totally smothered.


I didn’t anticipate uproarious, blasting sound to leave a 11-inch Chromebook, however the C202 punched over its weight class. I tuned in to Twenty One Pilots’ “Worried” and found that the mids and lows were clear and the bass was better than average. When I siphoned up the volume to its maximum, the sound turned out to be marginally obfuscated.


With a 1.6-GHz Intel Celeron N3060 processor and 4GB of RAM, the C202 isn’t an exhibition powerhouse, however it’s fine for composing book reports or notwithstanding controlling spreadsheets. Simply don’t do an excessive amount of performing multiple tasks. The program began to slack when I looked through sites with just six tabs open.

Battery Life

Understudies ought to have the option to utilize the Asus Chromebook C202 all through the school day without being fastened to an outlet. The PC endured 8 hours and 23 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which comprises of perusing the web constantly over Wi-Fi. That is longer than the CTL Chromebook J4 Plus (6:39), the HP Chromebook 11 (7:10) and the ultraportable normal of 8:12. Be that as it may, it was as yet clobbered by the Lenovo 100S Chromebook’s astounding 11:19.


Understudies will most likely keep their cool in the study hall when utilizing the Chromebook C202. Subsequent to gushing 15 minutes of HD video from Hulu, the touchpad remained cold, at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and the focal point of the console achieved 82.5 degrees. The underside hit 95 degrees, which is directly at our solace edge.

Programming and Warranty

Chromebooks run Chrome OS, which is to a great extent program based. In the event that you’ve at any point utilized Google Chrome, you’ll experience no difficulty utilizing a Chromebook. The work area includes a menu bar like what you would discover on Windows, including stuck applications, a clock and simple access to settings. Nearly everything else, including the applications, is opened in Chrome tabs.


There’s just one noteworthy contrast between the two arrangements of the Asus Chromebook C202 is the RAM. The adaptation we tried with 4GB of RAM costs $229, while the base model with 2GB of RAM will run you $199.

Main concern

The Asus Chromebook C202 is a scratch pad deserving of the respect roll. It offers a sturdy shell, an entirely agreeable and spill-safe console, long battery life, and average (however to some degree blended) execution. This workstation is a touch heavier than contending machines, however it should in any case be in one piece when children definitely drop it on the floor.