Bitdefender Upgrade

   Bitdefender, an award-winning AV company powered by barebones technology with advanced artificial intelligence to offer optimum malware protection to your device in every possible manner. Bitdefender has launched ample security programs with continuous developments. Each new edition introduced is simply an improvement over its previous one. Bitdefender does not confine its technology within a limited circle, instead, it believes in exploring new criteria and improve their programming to even more extension. Hence, the users get to enjoy new security features for their devices.

  The latest Bitdefender Upgrade is Bitdefender 2020. This latest Upgrade product ensures the ultimate cyber protection currently available in the market and provides numerous advanced features to keep your favorite devices safe from cyber evils. Bitdefender Upgrade policy aims at offering millions of its customers free upgrades to the brand new Bitdefender products within the period of their subscription. The latest upgrades are automatically notified immediately after the release.

  You have to visit Bitdefender Central to download the new installation kit and then follow the directions mentioned in the installer, thus you will manually get the latest Bitdefender Upgrade Products 2020. While switching to Bitdefender Upgrade 2020, you need to follow these steps mentioned below-

  1. The saved setting of the previous version should be removed.
  2. Visit Bitdefender Central and opt for sign in.
  3. Go through MY DEVICE that will be on the column left-side.
  4. You will find INSTALL PROTECTION on the screen of MY DEVICE. You have to click on PROTECT THIS DEVICE and then select the owner of the device.
  5. Activate the downloaded file and follow the displayed instructions.
  6. Bitdefender Upgrade 2020 will be directly downloaded, and the previous version will be uninstalled automatically.
  7. The program will prompt you to restart the device.
  8. Click on INSTALL
  9. Click on START USING BITDEFENDER when the installation process is completed.

Now you will be able to access Bitdefender Upgrade 2020 product.

The products that are covered by Bitdefender Upgrade 2020-

  1. 1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus
  2. 2. Bitdefender Internet Security 2020
  3. 3. Bitdefender Total Security 2020
  4. 4. Bitdefender Family Pack 2020


   The brand new improved features of whole Bitdefender Upgrade pack includes Real-Time Data Protection, Behavior-Based Technology for advanced threat defense, Multi-Layer Malware Protection, Anti-tracker,  Web Filtering technology to prevent web attacks, Wi-Fi Security,  Safepay (devoted browser) for secure online transactions, Free VPN (200mb/day), Advanced Password Manager, Anti-Phishing & Anti-Fraud, Vulnerability Assessment to scan security holes, File Shredder to erase a file permanently leaving no traces behind, Webcam Protection, Privacy Firewall to blocks trespass and filter network traffic, Safe Files, Parental Control including GPS tracking, File Encryption in a passcode-protected vault, Anti-theft Tool with remote access and OneClick Optimizer to boost up the performance speed of your device.

   The Bitdefender Upgrade 2020 series of AV products are engineered to offer industry-leading protection against the most dangerous threats and ensure privacy from the attacks of hackers. Apart from this, Bitdefender Upgrade elevates its protection technology with more improved privacy features to protect your device from the malicious websites that aim to track your online activity. In fact, the new features also focus on those intrusive applications that try to get unauthorized access to your webcam and device’s microphone. Bitdefender Upgrade 2020 launches products that go hand in hand with Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. Bitdefender Upgrade 2020 comprehends brand new features to allow you to enjoy a pleasing internet experience with no worry in the head.

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