Bitdefender Software

The Romanian cybersecurity company has been protecting millions of users worldwide from every day cyber threats and cybercriminals. The Bitdefender software company was founded in 2001 and has been delivering top-notch results as compared to other traditional antivirus companies. To install the antivirus software on the device, users have to first create a Bitdefender account. Although most antivirus companies require the user to do so, Bitdefender does not leave at just that. With the creation of a free Bitdefender account, users are given the advantage of viewing their device’s security status remotely, through the Bitdefender web console. The setup process of the antivirus software is fairly simple and quick. The antivirus software in itself is feather-light and does not occupy too much space in the device. It runs smoothly across all platforms and does not cause the system to slow down at any point in time.

The Bitdefender software has a user-friendly and uncomplicated interface with basic features on display at the dashboard itself. Navigating through the software is easy and does not require any special technical knowledge. The main console of the antivirus software can also be customized according to user preference. The user can replace less-used features with tools that they require more often. The antivirus software supports multiple scanning options such as the Quick Scan which sweeps through the potentially infected areas quickly, the System Scan that performs a deep and thorough examination of the entire system, looking into every nook and corner for any hidden viruses and malware. Bitdefender software also comes with a Manage Scan option that lets the user create specified scans for target files or folder and also schedule regular scans as and when required.

The password manager offered by Bitdefender is called Wallet on which users can store their credit card details, financial credentials, online usernames and password, and other personal details such as DOB, addresses, email id, etc. The Wallet extension is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers. Apart from security features to detect and block malware in real-time, the Bitdefender antivirus program also comes with an efficient secure browser, Safepay, that helps in secured online payments. It keeps hackers, ransomware, and keyloggers at bay and does not let them anywhere near the sensitive financial information. Bitdefender software also comes with a Vulnerability Scanner that checks for important application updates and network issues. It alerts the user of any weak passwords and security gaps found in the system, thereby providing all-round security to the device.

Bitdefender antivirus software comes with extremely efficient and powerful ransomware protection. It has been tested many times by various technicians and technical programs such as AV-TEST, etc. and every time the antivirus software proudly removes all the known as well as unknown viruses and malware before they can even touch the system. It has been delivering 100 percent virus detection results for a long time now. The amazing Bitdefender software is a reliable and accurate antivirus program that provides effortless security solutions. Its simple set up process ensures that even a novice can install and have the software up and running. The antivirus software keeps its promise and provides all-round protection from even undiscovered threats.

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