Bitdefender Internet Security

  Bitdefender Internet Security specializes robust protection loaded into a light solution runs at the utmost speed to offer the best protection to your favorite device with the lowest impact on performance without getting your PC heated. This beam-fast technology also installs in seconds and ideal for gaming, editing, and resource-exhaustive applications. The program is designed with the bare-bones protection features that include Cloud Scanning and Behavioral Analysis to keep your windows clear of dangers without requiring special configuring. Bitdefender Internet Security uses ICSA Labs certified scanning engines which are on-demand virus scanner, best used for system recovery or forensics role, to provide optimum virus protection to your device.

   Bitdefender Internet Security has been awarded by AV-Comparatives for being an outstanding antivirus product best in protection, performance, and repair. The program is featured by artificial intelligence that includes both on-demand and on-access scanning that runs in the system’s background to offer real-time protection against new or existing malware and spyware attacks. Bitdefender Internet Security promises to offer advanced protection for 3 windows devices at a time and features Microphone Monitor.

Functional Specifications

  • Real-time defense against malware infections and spyware attacks.
  • Improved threat protection based on behavioral analysis technology uncovers and blocks the latest threats and advanced ransomware.
  • Keeps your confidential files and information under a multilayer security vault to keep them safe from the encryption of cyber intruders.
  • Anti-tracker allows you to browse privately and, prevents trackers from fetching your data.
  • Parental control delivers digital help to concerned parents and accessory online safety to children.
  • The Microphone Monitor allows you to claim control over your device and let you see which app is trying to get access to your device’s microphone.
  • Advanced Web Filtering protection prevents web attacks by not letting harmful websites to load.
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor offers you access to your Wifi network and router security from any connection.
  • Safe Online Banking offers you a devoted browser namely Safepay that secures your online transactions.
  • Bitdefender VPN lets you browse anonymously (200mb/day for 1 device) by encrypting internet traffic.
  • Advanced Password Manager stores your passwords, card details and other sensitive information in a secured cyber-vault.
  • Prevents phishing attacks when you shop, bank, or browse online.
  • Vulnerability Assessment detects security holes in one instant click.
  • File Shredder allows erasing a file permanently leaving no traces behind.
  • Webcam Protection interrupts unauthorized access of apps to use your webcam.
  • Privacy Firewall prevents encroachment and filter network traffic.
  • File Encryption creates passcode-protected vaults on your computer to store confidential and sensitive documents securely.
  • Network Threat Prevention featured by cyber threat intelligence analyzes and identifies fishy network activities, and blocks corrupted exploits, URLs, and brute malware attacks.
  • Bitdefender Internet Security is designed to update itself automatically, and protect you against the most advanced cyber threats.
  • It also benefits its customers with 24/7 technical support.
  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge

Bitdefender Internet Security

is ads-free and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/ 8/10. Bitdefender is offering a Free trial for 30 days of Bitdefender Internet Security that is 100% Original. This all in one product covers up to 3 devices at a time with all essential protection. Download Bitdefender Internet Security and you get ultimate security for your favorite devices.

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