Avira Free

In this digital age where the focus is gradually shifting to a cashless economy and everything is available online, one needs to secure themselves from the various online threats that are also increasing every day. Since most people use devices such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones for basic internet use, they do not wish to pay for an antivirus to keep them protected. In such cases, a free antivirus software appeals to the general mass. Such an antivirus is Avira Free software that keeps user’s devices secure from various online threats at no hidden costs whatsoever.

Avira Operations is a German company that offers various security products for mobile and computers. The free antivirus software by the company helps in detecting threats in real-time and blocks malware, spyware, and other viruses. The antivirus software uses various AI technologies to detect emerging threats and sends them for further analysis. The multi-award winner antivirus giant also offers free protection for Mac, Android, and iOS platform devices. Its installation process takes only a few minutes and clicks. Even those with no advanced technical knowledge about software etc. can set up Avira Free antivirus quite easily as it has a friendly user-interface.

The reliable free antivirus software is also very light. It does not slow down the user’s system or causes any lags and disruptions. With Avira antivirus software installed on their devices, users can comfortably work online without worrying about cybercriminals. It proactively works towards taking down any new malware and immunizing all of its users against the same. With real-time updates from Avira antivirus software, the user’s device and data are protected from cyber-attacks at all times. Its antivirus scanner protects the users from billions of cyber threats like malware, spyware, etc. annually. It comes with advanced repair functions and features that help in fixing already infected files. Avira Free antivirus features PUA Shield that detects any unwanted and unsecured application hiding in a secured software or program. It also blocks unauthorized installations of adware, browser toolbars, and extensions.

With millions of loyal users, Avira antivirus software is one of the most reliable and trustworthy products in the digital market. The free antivirus software secures the devices from various phishing attacks. It monitors and scans emails for any suspicious links and attachments that may be a spam. The antivirus also detects and blocks any fraudulent or infected website to keep the user secure from any kind of identity theft. Avira Browser Safety extension helps in blocking pop-ups, banners, and intrusive ads from appearing on the website that the user is visiting. It also prevents companies from monitoring user’s online behavior. Its price comparison feature helps users save money while shopping online.

With so many security features present in a free antivirus software, users’ basic need for protection against malware, spyware, trojans, and other viruses is fully covered. Users can always upgrade to a commercial product if the need arises. They can also download and install Avira free Security Suite that comes with a free VPN, at 500MB per month. It also includes a free software updater and a system speed-up feature that keeps your device efficient and enhances its performance.

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