Avira Antivirus Pro

Though there are numerous antivirus software in the market but none of them come even close to Avira Antivirus Pro in terms of performance, protection, and usability. Awarded with AV-TEST’s Top Product of the year 2019, Avira antivirus is synonymous with world-class security. Avira works with next-gen artificial intelligence technology that keeps the user’s device connected to the cloud-based program by Avira that helps in detecting threats like malware, spyware, ransomware, and other viruses in real-time. The antivirus software analyzes any detected threat and immediately immunizes all of its users against the latest malware.

Avira antivirus software has a user-friendly interface with a refreshing dashboard monitors the user’s security status at all times and also manages the subscription. The Email Protection feature that comes with Avira Antivirus Pro helps keep the user device secure from various online threats. The antivirus software scans all the email links and attachments before the user opens them, to protect the user from any malicious phishing links or spam mails. It also scans other external and removable devices such as memory sticks, USB/DVD, etc. The Email Protection feature is compatible with Outlook as well as Google.

Avira antivirus software also comes with the unique Safe Download feature that helps keep the user’s device protected. It scans all the downloaded photos, torrents, music files, etc. for the unknown as well as known threats. Its unique priority cloud scanning makes sure that the files are scanned faster. Avira Antivirus Pro also scans files that are stored in the user’s cloud storage services such as Drive or Flickr. The efficient antivirus software offers real-time security to all of its users. Its Scan and Repair feature keeps the data safe from threats like hackers and ransomware. It protects the data and device from all emerging and known malware, and blocks websites that are unsecured or infected. With Avira antivirus software, users can safely work online, stream videos and listen to online music without having to worry about any kind of cyber threats. It also repairs applications that were damaged by previous malware and cleans out infected files from the system.

Avira Antivirus Pro helps users to shop online and perform net banking without any worries about identity thefts and keyloggers. Its ID-theft protection protects users from malicious keylogging software that may try and steal important passwords and financial credentials. It blocks all kinds of phishing attacks and secures the system against banking trojans. It also blocks fraudulent websites that are built by hackers to gain access to user’s data.

Apart from these features, the award-winning antivirus software’s firewall manager optimizes the user’s firewall settings to provide all-round protection. Its PUA shield blocks unauthorized installations of adware and unwanted browser toolbars and extensions. With Avira Antivirus Pro, the users also get access to unlimited customer support through email or a toll-free number. The antivirus software silently runs in the background, without any annoying ads, and lets the user work online without any disturbances. With Avira’s browser extension for Opera, Chrome, and Firefox, users can block interrupting banners on websites. The browser tracking blocker helps in securing user’s online activities and protects them from being monitored by companies.

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